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Comprehensive protection for your digital life

Premium security.

Secures Windows, MacOS and Android devices.


Premium features for comprehensive security

  • ESET LiveGuard, Actively protects you even against never‑before‑seen threats.

  • Password Manager, Remember only one master password to safely store and share all your passwords across devices

  • Military-grade encryption, Extra protection for your sensitive data and external drives.


Powerful payment and privacy protection

  • Banking & Payment Protection, Secure your online transactions and access to crypto-wallets.

  • Firewall, Network Inspector and more, Protect access to your data, network and webcam.

  • Parental Control, Safeguard your kids online and monitor their activities.

  • Anti-phishing, Secure your data and money against digital fraud.

  • No slowdowns, Enjoy the full power of your computer without interruptions.

  • Multilayered proactive protection, Explore the great online, safe from all types of malware threats.


Eset Smart Security Premium

  • Multilayered security

    • Antivirus and Anti-Spyware
    • Ransomware Shield
    • Intel® Threat Detection TechnologyNEW
    • Advanced Machine Learning
    • Scan While Downloading Files
    • Idle-State Scanning
    • Exploit Blocker
    • Host-Based Intrusion Prevention
      System (HIPS)
    • Advanced Memory Scanner
    • WMI Scanner
    • Cloud-Powered Scanning
    • System Registry Scanner
    • Script-Based Attack Protection
    • UEFI Scanner
    • Brute Force Attack Protection
    • ESET LiveGuard PREMIUM

    Light and easy to use

    • Small System Footprint
    • Gamer Mode
    • Portable Computer Support
    • Smooth Product Upgrades
    • One-Click Solution
    • Security Report
    • ESET SysInspector®
    • Settings for Advanced Users

    Comprehensive protection

    • Anti-Phishing
    • Device Control
    • Banking & Payment Protection IMPROVED
    • Anti-Theft
    • Parental Control
    • Webcam Protection
    • Firewall
    • Network Inspector   IMPROVED
    • Network Attack Protection
    • Botnet Protection
    • Antispam
    • Secure Data (Encryption)  PREMIUM
    • Password Manager  PREMIUM
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