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Your Data, PJC Engineering Ltd, PC Care Essex, Daycall Components and GDPR!

Personal data is data which can identify you, for instance, Name Address Phone, Email, National Insurance, Photos etc.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governs the way businesses treat your personal data and it defines several lawful bases for processing this data. Below is the Data Protection Statement for PJC Engineering Ltd Ltd, PC Care Essex and Daycall Components in each case the lawful bases for processing personal data are highlighted.

Data Protection Statement
Data you provide to be a customer of PJC Engineering Ltd, PC Care Essex or Daycall Components.

Your name, address, mobile and landline phone numbers, and email addresses are processed, retained and used to contact you regarding work requested by you and is data in which a legitimate interest exists. This data is also retained as a legal obligation on company records for invoicing and related tax records.

This data is never sold or given to any other organization or persons for any purpose.

Data you provide on equipment that requires work is data supplied on a contract basis
When a Computer, Tablet, Phone or another electronic device is given to PC Care Essex or Daycall Components for repair, upgrade or recovery it may contain your personal data.
This data you provide as a customer of PC Care Essex & Daycall Components is processed as necessary in order to complete the work request.

Data processed for this purpose may include moving, copying, recovering or deleting data as required to complete the work requested. Any backups or copies created in order to safely complete the work will be deleted within 2 weeks of work completion. The short term retention of this data is to allow time for any follow up work that is requested. The retention period can be shortened or extended by you on request.

Your data is never sold or given to any other organization or persons for any purpose with the following exception:

Your data may be used to contact your existing service providers, eg Sky, BT, Talktalk, Microsoft, McAfeeetc, in order to investigate problems with your services or equipment as required to complete the requested work.

Please contact either, or to request further information or to request disclosure or erasure of personal data.

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